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      Remains of Korean War POW returned to family

      United States Army Private 1st Class Arthur Leiviska was killed only a few months after his 18th birthday in a North Korean prison camp. After decades of missing in action, a prisoner of war returned to his home in Calumet. In 2010 after 61 years of investigating, his remains were recovered and identified.

      Melissa Huuki, Arthur's niece, says she's happy to see him come home but wishes her mother and his only sister could be here to see it.

      "I love my uncle... even though I didn't meet him, this gives everything closure," says Melissa.The burial was at 2 p.m. Monday at Lakeview Cemetery. Service men and women of all ages and ranks came to honor their fallen brother. "It's an honor, especially on Memorial Day, to come back and bury one of our own. A soldier like this paved the way for our freedom," says Sergeant 1st Class Lekendrick Stallworth.Sergeant 1st Class Joseph Battisfore was the casualty assistance officer who was assigned to work with the family. When he was first notified, he says he was honored to help a fellow comrade find his way home."Arthur gave his life and the least that I could do is take my time to honor his commitment to the service and assist his family," says Joseph. Melissa says although her mother is not around to see the ceremony, she can find peace knowing her brother was finally laid to rest.