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      Remembering the small lives who touched our hearts

      October 15 is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

      Nationwide, parents came together to remember their children who were gone too soon or were never born.

      Parents who experienced pregnancy or infant loss in the Marquette area gathered at Holy Cross Cemetery for a memorial service. A dedication of the cemetery's new Miscarriage Memorial Garden was conducted as well, along with a candle lighting service.

      Inscribed stone markers for each child lost can be placed in the garden by any parent who has experienced a loss.

      Father Ben Paris of the Catholic Diocese of Marquette blessed the memorial garden and led prayers.

      "Women who lose a baby during their pregnancy can have the remains of that baby, if they're able to, have them buried here: a full Catholic and Christian burial. It's important that the parents have a place to come to. It's an important place where family members, over time, can say that was a child of theirs and there they are," said Neil Newcomb, Sexton at Holy Cross Cemetery.

      The cemetery will hold three memorial burials a year and will send out announcements in advance.