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      renewaFUEL launch

      A new company has opened up at K.I. Sawyer...Cliff's Natural Resources launched its new biomass production company, renewaFUEL, Monday.

      While space heaters warmed the renewaFUEL facility at the facility TMs ribbon cutting, in a few weeks, its colossal machines will be heating up the place, cooking up the next generation of biomass fuel.

      The plant will process the new energy source in tiny cubes which will substitute for coal. The cubes generate the same amount of energy, with less harmful emissions. Biomass's natural components won't release additional concentrations of carbon dioxide into the air.

      Biomass is a word that encompasses all matter of solid plant life: wood and agriculture products, like corn and rice, said renewaFUEL Chairman, William Brake.

      At full production, renewaFUEL expects to produce about 150,000 tons of the tiny biomass cubes each year. That TMs a lot of production, all in the hands of local workers. In addition to hiring about 25 plant employees, renewaFUEL's raw materials will come from local loggers and farmers.

      This is going to bring a lot of jobs to my district, said Steve Lindberg, State Representative for the 109th District. "This is one of the things that I think is going to bring the state of Michigan into the 21st century."

      The cubes can be used in most solid coal fuel systems with few modifications, and they are a cost-effective way to supplement or replace fossil fuels, so Cliffs says the idea of future production expansion looks promising.

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