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      Renovations planned for historic Hancock staircase

      The city of Hancock has received a grant for the rebuild of its historic east-Hancock staircase.

      The Americana Foundation out of Novi, Michigan, which specializes in historic projects, gave a grant of $10,490. Hancock is matching the grant with city funds.

      The east staircase, which goes down from A St. to US-41, has long been used by residents since the mining days.

      Hancock city manager, Glenn Anderson, said the city been wanting them redone, and they now have the means to do so.

      â??Our budgets have been pretty limited the last several years, so we were only able to put a small amount of resources to those,â?? said Anderson. â??So, we accomplish a task that generally we haven't been able to afford the last several years.â??

      Anderson said the renovations are expected to take place throughout July and August.