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      Rep. Benishek talks jobs and vocational training

      Friday morning Representative Dan Benishek met with the Marquette County Ambassadors Club to get their perspective on issues local businesses are facing with keeping their establishments running.

      The Marquette County Ambassadors Club is comprised of local business owners and individuals concerned with economic, business and community progression in Marquette. Among the list of topics was the new banking regulations and the potential closure of the Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette.

      Benishek, who is from Iron River and worked as a surgeon before politics, says his number one concern for residents is jobs. He hopes his efforts in Washington will help to create more jobs for people not only in Marquette, but throughout the Upper Peninsula.

      Benishek says in order for those jobs to be filled, students must first have access to learn a number trades and vocations at the high school level.

      "They don't have the opportunity now due to state and federal laws to do a lot of vocational training at the high school level," said Rep. Benishek. "That needs to change so that our students have a little bit more exposure to these trades skills and technical skills so that they can find work here. They don't have to go to get a four year degree to find good paying jobs here in Upper Michigan."

      Representative Benishek extended his help as well as an invitation to the local business owners and bankers to come to Washington and speak with lawmakers about issues in their communities. He will be headed back to Washington to deal with the looming debt ceiling issue.