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      Rep. Kivela calls on business to help with dangerous intersection

      Over 170 crashes have occurred in front of Lowes Home Improvement in Marquette Township on US-41 over the past five years, and now State Representative John Kivela is trying to make that stretch of road safer.

      According to Kivela, the area is especially dangerous because of the low visibility drivers have while exiting on to US-41. Kivela says the Michigan Department of Transportation doesn't have the resources to work on the project until 2018.

      The road is privately owned by Lowes, so he's working with them to fund a fix without spending tax payer money.

      "I've met with Lowes and their manager today. He was very supportive of this plan which would have Lowes funding the reconstruction of the approach, and he's got to meet with his corporate fellows, but he was very positive," said Representative Kivela.

      There's no word when or if Lowes will approve reconstruction efforts.