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      Repairs continue after sinkhole damages road in Marquette

      Seventh Street in Marquette remains closed after a sinkhole developed in the middle of the road last Friday.

      Crews were called to the intersection of Seventh Street and Grove Street in the early morning hours on Friday. City workers have determined that a frozen eight-inch abandoned pipe burst under the road, causing water to leak and weaken the pavement.

      Marquette public works now has to come up with a range of options for fixing the damaged street.

      "Right now the road is closed off and we're keeping it closed off until we're out of the bad weather here with the soft gravel that's there," said Public Works superintendent Scott Cambensy. "Moving forward the commission will have different options put in front of them for different levels of restoration."

      To do a total reconstruct of that section of Seventh Street could cost as much as $350,000. Other options include a fix that would only cost half that amount.