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      Report released for City of Marquette's 2011 spending

      A newly released audit on Marquette's budget reveals the city kept within its means in the 2011 fiscal year.

      John Blemberg of Anderson Tackman and Company presented his firm's report to the city commission and department heads in a special meeting Wednesday morning.

      According to the audit, the city's general fund showed stability for 2011. Blemberg also added the City of Marquette has a better bond rating than the State of Michigan.

      The presentation was followed by a budget discussion, where commission members touched upon the ongoing business deals regarding Presque Isle Power Plant and Marquette General Hospital.

      "We continually look for ways to improve our tax base," said Marquette Mayor John Kivela. "There's concerns of some of the major players in our Marquette, certainly the Wisconsin power plant being one and Marquette General being another. As far as the budget from last year, almost everything was on spot."

      Moving forward, the mayor says future budget meetings will focus on reducing the city's debt and funding infrastructure projects out of pocket.