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      Representative John Kivela looks back on his first year in office

      State Representative John Kivela of the 109th District has almost completed his first year in office.

      Kivela was sworn in as a representative in January and said with one year almost completed, he has enjoyed being a representative and he is happy with the past 11 months in office.

      While in office, two of the bills Kivela introduced were voted through the Michigan House of Representatives.

      One of those bills was aimed towards battling the methamphetamine problem plaguing parts of the state including the Upper Peninsula.

      The bill prevents the sale of pseudoephedrine to anyone with a prior felony drug conviction.

      Kivela also sponsored a bill which will add a sixth Economic Zone under the Michigan Development Act allowing more economic development and growth to Marquette and Delta Counties.

      "These counties as a whole, these townships, cities, villages within these two counties will have the ability to do different things to attract businesses. The main drives behind the Next Michigan Zone is the use of multimodal transportation," said Kivela.

      Kivela adds his goal is to continue to work hard while in office.