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      Representative Kivela speaks in the Upper Peninsula

      Michigan's 109th State Representative John Kivela is already trying to make his mark in Lansing.

      Kivela is working on two bills. One is aimed at curbing the manufacturing of methamphetamine, which will help cut down the meth labs in the Upper Peninsula, and a second bill is for keeping kids safe by making sure sex offenders stay away from the children's area in public libraries.

      Kivela says many people have expressed their concerns with gun rights as well.

      "We have this deep tradition of hunting here and I hear that, I get all the emails, we follow up with them. That's an issue that's very important...people want to talk about it," said Representative Kivela. "I'm a sportsman, I know where they stand, but it's those types of issues that people feel very strong about, and they want to have their voice heard."

      On Monday, Representative Kivela spoke with residents of Munising. He will be in Newberry on March 18 and in Manistique on April 15.