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      Republican National Convention changes gears

      The first day of the Republican National Convention was more of a formality due to changes made in anticipation of Tropical Storm Isaac.

      Upper Michigan's Source's sister station, WEYI in Flint, reporter, Jane Park, who is covering the Republican National Convention for Upper Michigan's Source, talked to officials from Tampa General Hospital, the main trauma center in Tampa. They say they're not taking any chances and are ready for the storm.

      "As a hospital we're always preparing for disruption of any kind. We practice emergency drills every year. We have contingency plans in place for the RNC, but one of the reasons we exist is to handle large scale emergencies," said John Dunn, Public Information Officer at Tampa General Hospital.

      The technology at the convention is hard to ignore. On stage, the big screens and two debt clocks, one that shows the National debt, another that will measure the debt accumulated during the four days of the convention. GOP officials say that this is to further the RNC theme of "We can do better."

      Watch the TV6 News Tonight at 7 p.m./6 p.m. Central for more live coverage by WEYI's Jane Park from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.