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      Republicans and Democrats express concerns over sign theft

      Tensions run high during any campaign, and both Republicans and Democrats in Marquette are growing frustrated because of campaign sign theft.

      The Marquette County Republicans and Democrats report dozens of their campaign signs have been stolen from people's yards. The Marquette Police Department said that they have not received any formal complaints, but they do say removing someone else's sign is illegal.

      "If you take one without authorization, of course, that would be a larceny," said Det. Michael Kohler of the Marquette Police Department. "If you damage or destroy, that would be a malicious destruction of property, and we can charge those or the prosecutor's office would charge those incidents just like if it was a larceny or a theft of any other item."

      So far this election season, the Marquette police have not filed any charges. Before putting any sign up in your yard, it's a good idea to check local ordinances as they vary for each city and township.