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      Residents are on their "weigh" to a healthier lifestyle

      Itâ??s the age old struggle: losing weight. Most of us can attest to facing the issue sometime in our life, and for some of us, it's a constant battle. Dickinson County Northern Lights YMCA is trying to help residents not only lose weight, but understand that a lifestyle change is part of the process. A new program called "Weigh to Go" is a competition that allows participants to win tickets by losing weight, which can in turn be used to win grand prizes. â??Biggest Loserâ?? winner Jeremy Britt has come to Dickinson County to inspire citizens to take charge over their weight. â??Find that motivation to help push you through it,â?? says Britt. â??You guys have already made the right decisions to come here today. Use whatever that motivation was to get you here to help you through your workouts.â?? The goal is to lose around two-and-a-half pounds a week and to learn healthy habits. The YMCA offered clinics about nutrition, cholesterol levels, and other health-related issues. Participant Ed Williams is excited to get back in shape.

      â??I think the whole thing is great," says Williams, â??because when I come back in March, it's going to be exciting to see.â?? Though a $1,000 Grand Prize is tempting, a lifestyle change may prove to be the grandest prize of all.