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      Residents at ease thanks to millage passing

      Among the millages passed in Tuesday night's election was one for Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility for 1.5 mills for five years--without it, their administrator said the facility's future was uncertain.

      "I'll probably be here five more years if I'm alive," joked Elaine Clement, a resident at the facility.

      Elaine Clement voted for the first time in more than five years to keep the place sheâ??s called home since 2008, up and running.

      "I ain't got nowhere else to go," Clement admitted.

      Thanks to voters passing the Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility millage, Elaine and the rest of the approximate 80 residents here won't need anywhere else to go. It passed, earning triple the amount of yes votes. The facility's new director, Mike Stephenson, says he's grateful because the money is needed for ongoing operations.

      "We got into this situation because we've had a significant revenue loss," said Stephenson.

      Other forms of care, such as assisted living and home health care, reduced residency in the facility by nearly 25 percent, resulting in an approximated $2 million loss of revenue a year. Thanks to the millage raising $509,000 the first year, SCMCF can cope with the staggering revenue loss.

      "So what this allows us to do is keep our heads above water," Stephenson explained. "Our focus is to just keep the quality care going."

      Even more importantly: the 80 residents living here can be at ease.

      "Itâ??s a little bit more like home," said resident Winnie Abram, who was happy the millage passed. "I can't think of anyplace else I'd want to go."