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      Residents bark back against pit bull ban

      The Kingsford community is fighting for the ban on pit bulls to be lifted.

      Last week a signed petition of more than 150 signatures was presented to the Kingsford City Council asking to reevaluate their pit bull ordinance.

      Pit bull advocates say the majority of the news highlighting the breed are usually about dog attacks. They're fighting to dispel the negative opinion of some who believe pit bulls are a danger to the community. Dog owners, like Lynn Glibbery, say otherwise. She says her dog, Marley, is her third pit bull and she couldn't be happier.

      â??Every pit bull Iâ??ve ever had has always been great. He's the best behaved dog I've ever had in my life,â?? says Lynn. â??Marley is the friendliest dog, too...alienating the whole breed because of certain people is insane.â??

      Diane Luczak has dealt with hundreds of homeless animals over the years and says they're companion pets. However, some people use them for illegal fighting and status symbols, and the combination of these elements is giving pit bulls a bad image.

      â??They are the most abused, hated, misunderstood dog that there ever was,â?? says Diane. â??They are wonderful dogs. It's all how they're raised and trained, socialized, spayed and neutered. It's the people that have to be held responsible.â??

      Diane says an animal isn't born vicious, it's the owners that make them that way.

      Residents are continuing to bark back against the ban in hopes the city council will revoke the ordinance that was implemented in 1987. The city council is reviewing the ban, but no decisions have been made.