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      Residents get moving for a health challenge

      With the nicer weather sticking around you may be spending your time exercising outdoors.

      One community in particular is doing just that as part of the Lets Get Moving challenge. In this small town of Nahma a group of resilient residents are becoming more active.

      Three days a week they walk together for three miles, recording all of their steps.

      "It makes me more aware when I have to record everything at night. We are supposed to record our numbers of steps, how many servings of vegetables and fruits we have and how many servings of eight ounce's waters we've had," said Phyllis Lamberg.

      They're going up against four other teams in the Lets Get Moving Challenge. Last year they won the challenge and are hoping to do the same this year, but not before making some healthy changes.

      "I've been trying to steam vegetables on the grill lately. A lot of green beans, I've been eating a lot of fresh green beans and we've also planted an organic garden," said Cindy Bradshaw.

      For the challenge they're keeping tracking of every serving of water, fruits, and vegetables they consume.

      However, they are also recording how active they are by counting every step, or mile they make during the day.

      "I can say one thing I did is I bought a bicycle, which I haven't ridden a bike since I was in college. So, I went out and bought a bicycle to get more exercise," said Kathy Fries.

      The team with the most miles completed wins the challenge. It's spearheaded by the Sault tribe of Chippewa Indians as a way to get people living a healthier lifestyle.

      As for this team they're staying strong.