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      Residents learn raptors

      Residents and visitors in Copper Harbor got an up-close look at the local wildlife this Saturday during a Bird of Prey presentation.

      Speakers from the Northwoods Wildlife Center brought raptors, such as owls and hawks, to teach the community about nature. The goal was to better inform people of different species and what their calls sound like.

      The presentation was part of Copper Harbor's Birding Festival over the weekend where people came to the area to watch the bird migrations. Northwoods Wildlife Center's Bart Kotarba says his passion for birds leads him to teach others about their way of life.

      "I hope that people will start to realize that there are birds of prey all around and pay attention and notice them as they're driving along the highways and walking in their yards or in the woods," said Kotarba.

      The birding will continue to take place in Copper Harbor through mid-June with plenty of opportunities to spot the migrations.