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      Residents look to give back to community interests

      The Hancock City Council could decide as early as this spring whether to create an endowment for the city for residents to donate money for specific interest projects in the area.

      City officials say residents have expressed over the years that they'd like to donate money to specific projects without worrying about their money being used for the city's interest. The Keweenaw Community Foundation would act as the legal entity over the Hancock endowment.

      City officials say areas like Hancock beach and city parks are consistently of special interest to the community.

      "Some of our parks and the beach and campground are noted throughout the western Upper Peninsula," said Glenn Anderson, Hancock City Manager. "We have people all over the country, but certainly all over the region, who use those, and they're very popular, and they have strong support. So, perhaps we can get some donations from those folks."

      The endowment would need a minimum of $10,000, which the city is able to provide for as verified by the city attorney.