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      Residents say no to gravel pit

      The Negaunee Township Planning Commission held a public hearing Tuesday night to review the plan for a proposed gravel pit.

      "I will make a motion to table this. We will set a date for a work session, and I thank you all, everybody considered, very much for being here," said Gary Wommer, commissioner.

      Negaunee Township residents spoke and the planning commission listened when it came to the conditional use permit from Kona Ridge Mining and A. Lindberg & Sons to extract and crush gravel off of County Road 510.

      Every resident that spoke at the meeting was against the construction of a gravel pit near their homes.

      "First of all, I would like you to protect the neighbors' rights and deny the sight plan recently submitted to you," said Mike Quayle, landowner.

      "There's serious concerns with the safety, welfare, and well-being of myself, my family, my children and our neighbors," said Brad Frustaglio, Negaunee Township resident.

      The top concerns from residents were noise, overuse of the already damaged county road, a decrease in property value, the safety of children as well as residents, along with environmental concerns.

      The attorney representing the owner and developer of the gravel pit also spoke at the meeting.

      "We're going to crush no more than four to six weeks per year...if there is going to be a large road project in that area, we would come in front of you and ask to do that...This is a dry pit; this is not wet pit. This pit is not intended to hit the water table, and that's the way that it's been designed," said Ray O'Dea.

      The commissioners said there is not a timetable on when, or if, a decision will be made, but for now they will hold a number of public work sessions so they can review everything that was brought up in Tuesday night's meeting.