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      Residents speak out on concerns of US-41

      An area in Marquette Township that's seen a number of vehicle crashes is raising concerns.

      It's been almost three years since Nichole Williams was involved in an accident that changed her life. She was driving her motorcycle on US-41 when a car didn't see her and pulled out of a privately owned road.

      "They saw my motorcycle coming up next to a truck and this car pulling out in front of them. They saw the accident happen before it happened," said Williams.

      The problem: visibility is reduced by oncoming traffic for people exiting the intersection.

      Williams isn't the only one to be involved in a crash in that area.

      "The vehicle came at me so suddenly. I saw the initial impact occur, but I could not believe that I would be made part of that accident because I was in the eastbound side. I was on the other side of the highway," said Raymond Gregory.

      These residents say the increase in traffic along US-41 adds to the danger.

      While this area has seen a number of accidents, it's not just here that's a problem--it's the entire corridor. The problem starts on Wright Street and goes all the way west of Birchwood Road as vehicles try to cross several lanes.

      So what can be done to make it safer?

      "A different turn lane, a turn lane that starts farther back into the grassy area so that vehicles that are turning aren't blocking the sight of people turning left. A Michigan turn-around. Redo the road so you cannot take a left turn," said Craig Williams.

      Over the past five years, 175 crashes have occurred along that stretch of US-41.

      The Michigan Department of Transportation has a project to make that stretch safer, but doesn't have the funding to do it until 2018.

      "If you put in an offset right turn lane, that might help the vision of the motorists as they come up that intersection. They look at cars coming at them from the left, it'll be a little bit better and they won't have as much obstruction with the vehicles that are turning right," said Andy Sikkema.

      In the meantime, Representative John Kivela is looking for private funding to fix the road.