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      Resources for Autism

      In 2010 15,403 people were diagnosed with Autism in the state of Michigan alone.

      "It took my daughter 17 years to get a diagnosis, but I think earlier now people are getting that diagnosis sooner," said Letitia Cipriano, mother of an Autistic child.

      Even though it took 17 years for Cipriano's daughter to become diagnosed with Autism, there are resources available that help people of all ages cope with the disorder. After her daughter's diagnosis, Cipriano sought the help of the Superior Alliance for Independent Living.

      "Having her transition from being 18 to a legal adult was extremely difficult to do because she is not able at this point to take care of herself," said Cipriano.

      "A lot of our resources at SAIL have to deal with social and recreational activities that kind of get people in the door to recognize that there is a group of people out there that are here to support you," said Sarah Peura, Executive Director of SAIL.

      SAIL aims to help everybody with disabilities and not just those with Autism. SAIL isn't the only agency in the U.P. that helps families cope with Autism.

      Marquette Alger RESA offers a wide range of resources that help parents of children with Autism starting from birth to the transition years. MARESA has a bigger goal for Marquette and Alger County schools.

      "Our goal is that every school building in Marquette Alger county will eventually have a core Autism team that the rest of the teachers and parents can go to as resources," said Alisha Plescher, Autism Specialist and Speech Language Pathhologist at MARESA.

      The recognition of Autism continues to grow and the resources appear to be growing along as well.

      For more information on Autism resources, check out the links below.