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      Reverend Raven helps Raptor Rehab

      Injured raptors and homeless animals on the street are the focus for this Saturdayâ??s concert.

      Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokinâ?? Altar Boys are coming to Gladstoneâ??s Terrace Bay Inn.

      â??Itâ??s a blues rock band,â?? said Wendy Pepin from Public Pet Programs. â??Theyâ??re very popular. Weâ??ve had them here annually in the spring for probably four or five years, if not longer. And, they bring out a good crowd, people know them, they love them, and we do too!â??

      But the band isnâ??t just coming for a good time. Theyâ??re playing to raise money for a good cause. Reverend Raven is supporting U.P. Raptor Rehab.

      â??I take in wounded raptors, and actually itâ??s not just raptors, it take in animals also,â?? said Raptor Rehab owner Randy Bruntjens. â??I rehab them and put them back out in the wild.â??

      Raptor Rehab runs solely on grants and donations, and houses up to 30 animals at a time. The other half of the nightâ??s proceeds will benefit Public Pet Programs. Their goal is to keep animals off the streets and out of the shelters.

      â??The best way to keep down the pet population and prevent pets from going into the shelter is to assist the public with low cost spay and neutering,â?? Pepin said.

      The last the Reverend Raven event raised $3,000 for the organizations and they hope to raise even more this year.

      Tickets are available for $10 in advance at the Record Rack in Escanaba or can be purchased for $12 at the door Saturday night.