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      Ride a Ski-Doo this weekend

      A popular snowmobile company made a surprise visit in Houghton for the weekend.

      The Ski-Doo Demo Tour truck stopped at Houghton Powersports to show people some new snowmobiles. They currently have 12 sleds out in front of the store for people to ride.

      The truck will be at the store on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with the possibility of Sunday as well. Originally the truck had not scheduled to be in Houghton, but because of the lack of snow in Wisconsin, the tour decided to take advantage of Houghton's snow.

      "We were scheduled to be at Eagle River," said tour manager Matt Mondek. "There's a big race going on right now, it's their 50th anniversary, and we were set up there, but unfortunately there's no snow. We've got these 12 sleds and we want to let people ride them, so we've come here to Houghton to give people a chance to ride them. So we're making the best of the weather and we're where the snow is at."

      For more information on the Ski-Doo Demo Tours, check out their website.