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      Ride of Silence remembers fallen riders

      The Kitchi-Mi-Kana Cycling Club of Marquette took part in the national Ride of Silence Wednesday night. The ride of silence is a way to remember bicyclists who have been killed or injured in an accident involving motor vehicles. Riders headed into Marquette from Lower Harbor Park in silence. Organizers from KMK say this is for the benefit of motorists and bicyclists.

      "Our club and this event works to educate both the motoring public, which we're all part of--we're all driving cars, as well as cyclists--about what safe practices are. We try to do this from child to adult with a variety of events throughout the community," said Sarah Anderson of KMK.

      The Ride of Silence is a national event each year. The KMK Cycling Club has a number of events through the year that promote bicycle safety.