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      Riding bikes for Autism

      It's not like participating in the Tour de France, but one local gym has people participating in a bike ride for a good cause. Saturday at Bianco's Fitness in Kingsford, dozens of bike riders helped raise money for Autism.

      This is the third year that Bianco's has hosted the fundraiser. It started five years ago as a way raise Autism awareness and has since grown into a fundraiser that has collected over $2,000 this year.

      "This year now, the special needs rooms throughout all of the school areas are in need. Some of them their equipment's broke, some of it just isn't working, some they don't have," said Karen Beauchamp.

      "Every year in April is Autism Day and we always like it and it's good and great for you too," Zach Beauchamp.

      In addition to paying for the ride, people paid to use their favorite bikes, hear favorite songs during the ride, as well as participated in raffles. The fundraiser has grown rapidly in its brief three years of existence and should continue to grow in the coming years.