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      Right-to-work legislation causes protest outside governor's office

      Dozens of people protested outside of Governor Snyder's office Saturday over right-to-work legislation.

      This past Thursday, Republican lawmakers, backed by Snyder, pushed right-to-work legislation through the legislature in Lansing. The laws would prohibit workers from being required to join a union or pay fees as a condition of employment.

      Saturday, Good Jobs Now activists canvassed the parking lot at the Berry Events Center in Marquette. The group says it's part of a statewide effort to show opposition to what they call anti-middle class legislation.

      "I do believe if you're not paying union dues, then you ought not enjoy the benefits of the union. But the law is written that everyone gets to enjoy those benefits. So I think we should all be paying our share," said Heidi Gould, activist.

      The legislature will reconvene on Tuesday.

      Snyder says he will sign the bills into law.