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      Rio Tinto scorecard met with skepticism

      With the recent publication of the Rio Tinto community scorecard, Rio Tinto says the scorecard allows community members to rate the mine's performance in five areas voted most important by the people within local communities.

      The five areas are environmental performance, local hire, safety, transparency and communication, and leaving more wood on the woodpile or leaving the area better than when the company arrived. Rio Tinto released a statement saying "the scorecard has received overwhelming interest from the community. We appreciate the community's eagerness to participate in the community forums and to provide their feedback on our performance."

      However, Kathleen Heideman from Save the Wild UP says there are some inaccuracies with the scorecard.

      "Looking at the scorecard, one doesn't find a lot of real data in it," said Heideman. "The data that they have presented is actually based on like 290 people that have their comment. You know that was out of the cities that they say that they had their meetings in have at least like 29,000 people."