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      Ripple effect of the Empire Mine deal

      The deal struck with the Empire Mine has brought relief to many of its workers, but it also buys time for workers to plan ahead in case the mine does not reach another agreement.

      With the mine being one of the top three employers in Marquette County, a shutdown would have been devastating. However, a recent deal allows the mine to stay open through January of 2017.

      While the mine will continue running, it is just as important for workers to be thinking about their future right now.

      "You should have career plan A, but you also should be considering B and C, and it's always a good idea to make sure that you are current, that you're doing something to help you become a more valuable member of your employee team," said Tawni Ferrarini, Economics Professor at Northern Michigan University.

      This shouldn't just apply to mining but also to the other businesses affected by mining. Doing so could lessen the effect of a possible closure down the line.