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      Rise above the rest

      W ith the one-size-fits-all curriculum, some students may not be getting the extra attention they might need in the classroom. But there are options out there to get them additional help.

      Lisa Baker taught fourth grade for ten years before taking up the tutoring trade. She worked for a tutoring center for a couple years and loved the experience.

      After recognizing students needed more tutorial options, Lisa decided to open her own tutoring business, Rise Above Tutoring.

      "There's a lot of individuals that tutor that are awesome, but to have a structured tutoring center in our community, I think, has been really helpful to our kids, and that's why we're here. And the fact that we love coming to work everyday makes a big difference," said Baker.

      The center offers one-on-one tutoring sessions, as often as needed, to students pre-kindergarten through college level. The teachers tutor all subjects and even offer ACT preparation tutoring.

      Addie Carriere attends Rise Above Tutoring once a week. She needs a little bit of help with her reading and her math skills, so Lisa gives her the extra attention she needs.

      "I like that you get to play games that help you with your math and your reading and spelling," said Carriere.

      If you feel your child could benefit from a tutor, Lisa said to make sure to be very thorough when figuring out your child's specific needs.

      "I'm going to talk to the parent and find out, are they receiving services at school and what kind of services, how far behind do they think they are, just to get to know the parent and background, the personality of the student. Then I have them come in and I do an assessment with them, knowing that any one day assessment doesn't tell me everything, but it gives me an idea of a place to start," Baker said.

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