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      Road block for ORV trail

      A group of ORV riders seeking the connection for a trail in Chocolay Township was denied by the planning commission at a meeting Monday night. The group, Trailriders Enthusiasts Alliance of Marquette County, or TEAM, was seeking a trail through Chocolay Township.

      The trail would've affected Kawbawgam and Mangum Roads as well as County Road 480. Many residents on those roads voiced their concern and so did Marquette County Sheriff Mike Lovelace. They sited safety concerns for riders being too close to motorists. Tony Harry from TEAM says there are advantages to having managed trails.

      "It makes a big difference to have a managed system. It takes everybody off from out in the woods, tearing up everything to a straight trail, a signed trail. It's got law enforcement and it's managed," said Harry.

      The planning commission voted down the proposition by a vote of 6-1. No word on what this means for future plans for the trails in that area.