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      Road commission predicts sloppy spring conditions

      Even though spring is 14 days away, we can be sure the snow isn't going to melt by then. But it still has local road commissions prepping for what could be a sloppy season.

      The Iron County Road Commission is starting to make preparations now. Theyâ??re relocating some of the snow from major piles in the cities and are also predicting potential changes in weight limits as more trucks will be on the roads this spring. The commission is working with local timber associations to consider leniencies in weight restrictions, specifically with night hauling. But overall, they say this spring could be a difficult one.

      â??There's a lot of frost in the ground, so we're hoping that it will be a mild, easy spring and not just come all at once because that would cause a lot of problems, both with the snow melting and with the frost,â?? said Iron County Road Commission Superintendent, Doug Tomasoski.

      The commission is asking residents to extend patience when the spring arrives with its difficult road conditions.