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      Road conditions increase police calls

      Driving in these snow conditions can be difficult, but law enforcement is also responding to snow-related incidents.

      It's the day after the storm, but officers are still seeing snow-related incidents. Marquette City Police Officer Archocosky has been responding to fender benders, where snow can be a factor. They are even getting calls to help remove cars from snow banks but mainly end up calling a towing company.

      "Can cause us to have to close down the street temporarily. It's usually depending on the accident or the car stuck in the snow bank; it's a 10 to 15 minute ordeal," said Archocosky.

      Archocosky says another problem they are seeing is drivers pulling out of large snow banks.

      "They can't just guess, hit the gauntlet and go across. My recommendation is to keep watching to the left. Make sure there's no traffic coming, gradually ease out into the intersection," Archocosky said.

      Marquette City Police are also helping to assist other law enforcement agencies at highway incidents. However, Captain Blake Rieboldt says they are also getting an increase in minor complaints including calls to unlock cars and snow removal.

      "Everybody needs to realize that we are experiencing a blizzard and that's going to affect people's commute time. It's going to affect people removing snow, and everybody needs to kind of be patient and tolerant of the given conditions," said Rieboldt.

      He also suggests staying off the roads unless you have to.

      Marquette City Police says even after the storm passes, you should take extra precaution on the roadways.