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      Road improvement millage to be on November ballot

      Marquette Township is putting forth a new millage on the November ballot with the goal of using the money to repair all local roads in the township over the next three years.

      The proposal is for 1.5 mills for the next 15 years, but only after the current mill of .85 expires. That would increase the mill by .65.

      The township says this will generate $500,000 each year. Streets including Cherry, Center and Waldo would all be resurfaced, or reconstructed. After the repairs, the money would be used for ongoing maintenance.

      "When you have as much feedback from the residents as we have on the roads, they have to be fixed and we keep looking to county and the county keeps telling us 'there's no money,'" says Dennis Liimatta, Marquette Township supervisor. "So when you start looking at, yes, we're asking for some money, but what are you going to get in return for that amount of money? If this millage passes, we'll have the best roads in the area."

      The township will be holding open workshops throughout September and October.

      For the full schedule of meetings and project maps, click here and here.