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      Road receives more travel than it was designed for, needs replacement

      The Dickinson County Road Commission says Lake Antoine Road was not built for the amount of traffic it gets on a daily basis, and they are trying to get a TIGER grant to replace it.

      The PASER surface rating of the road is two, which means very poor. There is also a new bike path on the road, which trucks are sometimes traveling on which increases the wear on the path which is definitely not designed to deal with auto traffic.

      "It gets more traffic and more trucks than M-69, parts of M-95, US-141 and even US-8 there's more traffic on Lake Antoine Road," said Engineer Lance Malburg.

      The cost to replace the road would be five million dollars, however, the road commission's total budget is four million dollars, so in order to replace the road they would have to receive the grant from Tiger.