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      Road resurfacing projects to start in Escanaba

      This coming week, Escanaba residents will need to add a little more time to their daily commute.

      There are six resurfacing projects taking place across the city. North 16th Street, 5th Avenue South, 15th Street, 10th Avenue South and 7th Avenue South are all being worked on.

      These are 5 of the 11 projects included in the city's $400,000 resurfacing budget. In addition, Sheridan Road from 8th to 17th Avenue North will be resurfaced. This $450,000 project is mainly funded by an Michigan Department of Transportation grant.

      "For Sheridan Road starting on Monday it will be closed to through traffic," says Bill Farrell, Escanaba city engineer. "Local traffic will still have the ability to get to where they need to do, the businesses are still open, residents can still get to their front. We ask that people don't park on Sheridan Road."

      All of these road projects begin this Monday.