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      Road to be abandoned in Iron River?

      The road is nearly impassable. With inches-deep potholes and cracks, it's no wonder the City of Iron River is considering abandoning a stretch of road on Blossom Street. However, that suggestion of abandonment has nearby residents feeling neglected. â??Iâ??ve lived in this area around 35 years, and Iâ??ve always taken that road when we want to go out east on US-2,â?? said resident, Gary Burk. â??Itâ??s been fine until about a year and a half ago.â??

      The declining condition of the road is due in part to very heavy rains during the summer. â??Every time we had one it washed out more because the fact that the city didn't do any maintenance on the road,â?? Burk said. The city says it would take roughly $12,000 to fully repair the road, but they said those appropriated funds could also be used to repair other roads in the city.

      Due to funding issues, the city says if the road were able to receive some work, it would only be temporary. â??It wouldn't be a complete repaving,â?? said city manager, Perry Franzoi. â??It would be more of an interim fix because of the budget constraints that we have.â?? Still, residents are saying by closing the road, nothing gets solved; so they did what they could to let the city know that. â??The people that live in the area got a petition up, and within three days had 80 signatures of people, and then turned that over to the city,â?? Burk said.

      Petition or not, the decision still lies with the city, and on Monday, they'll make a final vote about the future of Blossom Street. â??There are essentially three options: first, to repair the road to some level, second to abandon the road, and the third thing would be to keep it as is,â?? Franzoi said. Keeping up is better than catching up, but with limited funding, it's not an easy road, and in this case, it's a road residents may have to live without.