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      Road to Kennecott mine getting a facelift

      More than $2.5 million in Transportation Economic Development Fund grants will be invested in the reconstruction of two roads that lead to Humboldt Mill via M-95.

      Triple A Road and CR 601 will be reconstructed and paved to meet all-season standards to accommodate commercial traffic with the opening and operation of the Kennecott Eagle Minerals Co. Eagle Mine at the mill. Kennecott will invest an additional $659,420 in the reconstruction.

      The nickel and copper ore produced by the Eagle Mine and processed at the Humboldt Mill requires a route built to carry heavy commercial traffic year-round. Access to the mine is via Triple A Road. Access to the mill is via M-95 and CR 601, south of US-41. Kennecott will invest a total of $500 million at the mine and mill, creating 236 new jobs.

      The Michigan Department of Transportation announced the grants will be awarded to four Michigan counties totaling $4.9 million. Ingham County, Kent County, Presque Isle County and Marquette County will all receive money.