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      Road work ahead?

      Powell Township residents voiced their concern Thursday for the proposed improvements to Marquette County Roads 510 and the Triple A. The Marquette County Road Commission listened to a proposal to pave, widen and straighten County Road 510.

      The work would be part of the $44 million transportation route improvements being paid for by Lundin Mining. Improvements to CR 550 are currently underway. But residents say this is not an improvement to County Road 510; it's a whole new road, and the speed would be too fast.

      "What we found out tonight is it's a brand new road being built through our remote area that we treasure to service one foreign company that will completely change the character of this area," said Gene Champagne, Powell Township resident. "It will probably be unsafe--55 miles an hour through the woods is completely nuts."

      "The realignment was based on many factors, but the biggest thing was safety and making sure that the design speed of 55 miles per hour is going to be what the posted speed is out there, and so we were looking at making sure those two matched," said Jim Iwanicki of the Marquette County Road Commission.

      The road commission will continue to discuss the proposal and address concerns and questions raised during Thursday's public hearing. Their next meeting is scheduled for October 21.