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      Roam fundraiser to help indoor playground

      Roam Incorporated is teaming up with the Shipwreck Boat Tours to help fund an indoor playground in Munising. Sunday, September 29, Roam will be taking kids out on the Shipwreck Glass Bottom Tour Boats for a fundraising event.

      The cost of the indoor playground is about $5,000 and so far they've been able to pay for it with fundraising and donations. Organizers say this is a chance to let the kids show us what they find beautiful in the Munising area.

      "With Roam we just wanted to get the kids involved and wanted to do a fundraiser that would allow them to have fun, and we teamed up with the Shipwreck Tours in Munising," said organizer Amy Lassila. "Everyone wants to see the world through a child's eyes; we thought what better way then to give them a camera and get to see what they see, what they find beautiful."

      Roam is hoping they can collect enough of the photos to put together a 12-month calendar featuring the kids' pics. The cost for Sunday's event is $20 and only a handful of spots are still available on the tour boats. If you'd like to register, you can send an email to