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      "Rob the Drummer" visits Iron Mountain

      Itâ??s been said that music is laughter for the soul, and at the Central Elementary School in Iron Mountain, the saying couldn't be truer. Thatâ??s because â??Rob the Drummerâ?? had come for a visit.

      Rob Gottreid's motivational message about cyber-bullying and self-esteem revolved around his love for drumming, which he says is very effective.

      â??Because I use drums as my way of approach and they can feel who I am first,â?? said drummer Rob Gottfreid, â??then they relax the screens. My ability to be able to use all of that, that's part of my anchor.â??

      The interactive performance pumped up both students and teachers, and by the end of Rob's message, an unexplainable energy filled the room. Even the littlest ones couldn't contain their joy.

      Their favorite part of the morning?

      â??He did the drums,â?? said kindergartner Eâ??Shawn Shaw, â??[and] the part where he picked the guy up.â??

      Rob says gaining trust is a key factor for children and teens.

      â??Now they can't even trust that their parents are going to stay together, so you are guilty until proven innocent,â?? he said, â??and you've got to make an impression that is so incredibly positive, and that's a challenge, and I really like this challenge.â??

      He comes all the way from Connecticut, but he's got a special spot in his heart for Michigan and says he does shows from the top to the bottom of the state. Heâ??s traveled all over the world with his talent and says that his motivation comes from helping children tackle large issues.

      â??There aren't enough people doing something positive like this,â?? Rob said. â??Why do I do this? Because I can. Nobody else has done this, and there are a lot of kids with drums, but they're not tackling these heavy issues. Nobody wants to talk about this stuff, except that it's what's destroying everybody."

      The morning was a time of energetic music, free-spirited dancing, and genuine learning, and by the end, everyone's soul was laughing.