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      Robbery suspect still at large

      The Delta County Sheriff's Department is still seeking the public's help regarding an armed robbery that took place Friday, August 2 at the Grain 'n' Grape convenience store. No one has yet come forward and contacted the police, and the robber is still at large. Delta County Sheriff, Gary Ballweg, is offering tips on robbery prevention and how to act during and after a robbery. Make sure surveillance cameras are working, and deposit large amounts several times during shifts.

      During a robbery, try to remember the robber's description, and push the alarm button if it's safe to do so.

      "Well, if you're the clerk or the bartender at a business place and it gets robbed, the first thing to do is don't panic. Follow the robber's directions and do what they say. After all it is only money, and perhaps it's not your money," said Ballweg.

      Ballweg adds that the most important thing to do after the robbery is to lock the doors and dial 911.