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      Robbie Ivey, local MDA ambassador, talks about summer

      Back in April of this year, West Iron County student Robbie Ivey was awarded to be the regional ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

      He was diagnosed with Ducheneâ??s Muscular Dystrophy which causes his muscles to grow weaker and weaker over time. As ambassador, Robbie did extensive traveling this summer to raise awareness for Muscular Dystrophy.

      â??We mostly did â??Fill the Bootâ?? around Marinette and Rhinelander,â?? Ivey said. â??That was really fun; it's always fun.â??

      He also attended the MDA summer camp in Green Lake, Wisconsin, which a lot of fundraising goes to support.

      â??We fished, did arts and crafts, and bugged my sister because she was volunteering there,â?? Ivey said.

      Around a week after his ambassador announcement, Robbie had to undergo back surgery.

      â??They straightened out my back because I had scoliosis and it's a lot straighter now,â?? Ivey said.

      On Monday, Robbie and his family headed to Green Bay to prepare for the premiere of the National MDA Labor Day Telethon.

      â??The Telethon helps kids with MD. When people donate, it goes to the MDA summer camp, wheelchairs, and equipment,â?? Ivey said. â??I appreciate it because I get to see everybody from camp; that's what it can go for, $800 dollars to send one camper to camp.â??

      The Telethon "Show for Strength" will include many celebrity presenters and will air this Sunday, August 31, on ABC at 9/8CT.