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      Robots battle it out

      Robots pick up a ball pass it to their partner in another zone and toss it for maximum points. Each game lasts two minutes so you can see teams really push their bots to the limit.

      "It's been really fast and a lot of excitement. You're learning all new things about robotics and how they work and stuff. You're meeting a lot of new people making a lot of new friends," said Kevin Hereau, Escanaba Robomos.

      It's the first time a FIRST Robotics competition is held in Upper Michigan. A total of 36 teams are competing 18 of which are from the U.P.

      "It's a big deal, it's been incredible. We're excited about having it here and the logistics had to be just right our school has enough space that we were able to bring it here. It means a lot to people here in the U.P," said Marie Young, event coordinator.

      Teams had six weeks to build their robots and program it to be able to toss the balls into goals. During that time students got hands-on experience in building, mechanics, electrical, and programming.

      The First Robotics program exposes students to the possibilities of technical careers like engineering.

      "I'm the drive team coach. So, I have to negotiate a lot with other teams and talk with other teams. I want to be a mechanical engineer when I'm older and building a robot, what's a better a way to start doing that," said Nick Valiquette, Escanaba Robomos.