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      Rock residents brave the rain for 71st Labor Day Festival

      Guests at the 71st annual Labor Day festival in Rock braved the elements on Saturday for a day of games, food, music and fun.

      â??Well one thing it does is it brings the community togetherâ?? said Joe Kitiuk, president of the Rock Lions Club. â??If you look around here all these people sitting at tables are visiting, laughing and enjoying seeing one another. It is a very social event.â??

      â??It is a thank you for the neighborhood so that they can enjoy a get-togetherâ?? said Dorothy Cherne, Grand Marshall for the parade. â??Also because of the food, there is really good food.â??

      Dorothy was the Grand Marshall in the parade earlier in the day. She is also a member of the American Legion, which helped put on the event for the first time this year.

      â??During the winter we questioned whether we were going to have it or notâ?? said Kitiuk. â??Rock American Legion offered to join and help us so this year they are our partner. With them and many other volunteers we pulled it off again.â??

      The celebration raised money for the Lions Club and the American Legion, which helps different groups and people in the community who could use some help.

      â??There are so many different things that they help in different places any time someone calls and asks for help, we are right there to help themâ?? said Cherne.

      Even though the weather was not great, people still stuck it out either under the tents or inside playing bingo. But the Labor Day celebration is truly a way to spend quality time with friends and family.

      â??It is kind of a get-together for the Rock residentsâ?? said Kitiuk. â??A lot of them moved out of the area for one reason or another so on Labor Day weekend a lot of them return to be with their families and friends and they come here to socialize.â??