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      Rock the Socks

      Students at Marquette Alternative High School have been tie-dyeing socks. It's part of their "Rock the Socks" fundraiser. They're collecting as many socks as possible to donate to those less fortunate. They're hoping to collect more than 200 pair by Friday, and then they plan to wear these tie-dye socks for the cause.

      "They didn't have fancy socks, they just had traditional white socks, and we thought, well we could tie dye them and make them kind of special in that way, so we decided to have a day for them to come in and tie dye their socks and to have them bring in new socks," said teacher, Kim Matulewicz.

      "Most people take for granted all the things we're given. People really don't have a pair of socks in the winter; imagine how bad that would be. It helps us really open our eyes and help the community get involved," said high school junior, Louis Bradbury.

      Other high schools in Marquette county have joined the effort. So if you want to help the cause, you can leave your sock donations at your local high school.

      The following schools are drop off points:

      Marquette Alternative High School at Graveraet building, Marquette Senior High School, Northstar Academy, Gwinn, Westwood, Ishpeming or Negaunee High Schools and Hotplates in downtown Marquette.