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      Rockinâ?? the Bay

      The sixth annual Rockinâ?? the Bay is taking place at the Gladstone Yacht Club this weekend. This year it features ten bands on two stages, including national acts and stars from The Voice.

      Tickets for the event are available for $15 at the door. This yearâ??s lineup includes Nicholas David and the Feelinâ?? Band. David is recently known for finishing top three on The Voice. Also performing this weekend is national act Steve Azar, known for his â??Top 20â?? song, Sunshine.

      According to event officials, this is the first time a national act has come to Gladstone.

      â??Itâ??s going to be something different than the normal music festival in the area,â?? said Rockinâ?? the Bay volunteer Terry Ahola. â??Now we have a little bit of national talent and weâ??ve got some really good warm up bands as well.â??

      Rockinâ?? the Bay continues Friday until 11:00 p.m. and starts up again Saturday at 2:00.