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      Rocking the ice

      Skaters rocked out to some juke box classics for the annual L'Anse Baraga Figure Skating Club Show. It's an end of the year show giving girls the opportunity to exhibit the skills they learned in the program.

      Director Janet Rossi was worried the show might not go on because of the warmer temperatures. "Several guys, like about four guys, came down to the ice for the last ten days, chipping off mounds of ice drippings from the roof. I'm just extremely grateful that we are even able to pull off this show this weekend," said Rossi.

      Girls of all ages glided, spun and twirled around the ice. Among them, senior Brittany Green, skated her own rendition to the song, My Heart Will Go On.

      She says skating has helped define who she is. "What I've gotten out of the program is self-confidence in me. I was always nervous when I was little around other people and not fitting in. When you're in skating, it really doesn't matter--you're allowed to be yourself on the ice," said Green.

      Teachers say skating builds confidence, leadership, and also teaches girls to deal with not always winning. Skating also builds endurance and strength. Learning all the tricky techniques of skating is what Emma Tembreull loves.

      "You have to be on the exact edge, on the exact time, and your posture has to be perfect. There's just a lot of things to do, especially like freestyle whipping axel, double axel and you're spinning in the air like multiple times," said Tembreull.

      Skaters had a blast showing off techniques they learned this year.