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      Rockland township finds one source of water leak

      The water situation in Rockland township is beginning to be resolved.

      Crews have found one leak in the pipes on the north side of the town, but believe there are more leaks elsewhere. Crews are working to locate the other leak spots.

      Water pressure is building in some hydrants in parts of town, but no water is coming out of faucets yet. It is still undetermined how long the reconstruction process could take.

      â??They're just moving from one section to another,â?? said Vickie Haapala, the wife of the Rockland township supervisor. â??They're starting closest to the pump house, and they fill up, get that section pressurized, and then they move on to the next section. They are in progress trying to get the system charged. It takes a long time. Thereâ??s a lot of pipe that has to be filled.â??

      Rockland has been without water since sometime late Friday night into Saturday morning.

      Bottled water is still being distributed at St. Paul's Methodist Church on M-45. The fire hall also has water for things like flushing that cannot be consumed.