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      Rodriguez found guilty on all charges

      Guilty on all charges. That was the verdict reached in the trial of Ruben Rodriguez.

      Rodriguez and three other men allegedly broke into a Munising Township home last February, held the owner at gunpoint, and robbed him. Rodriguez faced multiple charges of armed robbery and home invasion.

      The jury reached its decision just after 6 p.m. Friday following about an hour of deliberations.

      Earlier Friday, Rodriguez did take the stand in his own defense. Rodriguez said one of the other three men involved, Israel Velez, was a member of a gang.

      Rodriguez says in the days leading up to the incident, Velez threatened his life and his family, physically assaulted him and then sexually assaulted him with three other men. The 34-year-old testified he was told to pick up marijuana and says he complied with Velez out of fear.

      Rodriguez will be sentenced in February. His defense attorney expects Rodriguez to appeal.