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      Roller derby Rookies undergo crash course recruitment

      Dickinson County's Kingsford Crush had their first open rink session in an effort to gain some new recruits. Captains used this time to show potential new players that this sport is more than meets the eye.

      These ladies are curious and came to see if it's a sport they're willing to roll with. Wausaukee resident Tracy Messer has always been an athlete, but says the derby girl image is what drew her to the recruitment.

      "The stigma surrounding it... powerful, independent women," explains Messer. "That's really cool."

      The potential new rookies were served a crash course of one-on-one derby basics.

      "I think itâ??s very important to let them try on the gear let them skate around do a little practice with us," says Kingsford Crush player Stephanie Mieras. "It gets them into it, gets them excited, and that's what gets them to come back."

      If the girls here decide they want to sign up with the team they will be deemed fresh meat and undergo training until January when the roller derby season begins.